Puberty Workshop November 2019. 

Kate E Reynolds is a local author who came to run a very interesting workshop about Puberty and Relationships in young people with SEND.

Anxiety Workshop. 14th January 2020.


ASD Workshops with Jodie Smitten. June and July 2019.


Jodie Smitten (link to her facebook page who is an independent behaviour specialist, hosted 2 workshops about Autism. Nearly 60 parents and carers attended. Here is an example of some of the feedback we received “The event was informative, friendly and relaxed.” “Jodie is very knowledgeable, engaging, very informative.”

Coast with an Educational Psychologist.

Coast Lucy Walshe 8.2.19

On 8th February 2019 we teamed up with Coast (put link to their website please and invited Lucy, who is an Educational Psychologist that is also the trainer of the ELSA programme for Swindon. The Clinical Commissioning Group and Swindon Borough Council have funded for 2 Teaching Assistants in every school in Swindon to be ELSA trained. For more information on ELSA’s and why they are helpful to have in our schools please see more information here:

Healthwatch Policy Forum.

Healthwatch Policy Forum Bristol 2.7.19

2nd July 2019 Millie and Jacqui travelled to Bristol to attend the Healthwatch Policy Forum to learn how parent carer forums can work more closely with their area’s Healthwatch. It was really useful and informative and we took away lots of ideas!

Branches Support Group in association with Hop, Skip and Jump.

September Branches 1Guest Speaker Suggestions

In our first group we invited attendees to put their suggestions of future guest speakers and topics to discuss on our tree! We got a big and varied response including a dietitian, puberty and relationships, EHCPs, Mental Health among many others!
In our September group we invited Jo from Swindon Borough Council to come and answer questions about EHCPs.

25th September 2019 Children’s Services Conference.

25.9.19 Children's Services Conference Steam
The Director of Children’s Services asked us to let 250 Swindon Borough Council staff know what ‘A Joined Up Seamless Service’ looks like from a parent carer perspective. We received positive feedback such as “Your presentation was very thought provoking and informative and provided a good context to our work with children and their families. Your tips for what we can do immediately were very well received and there is no reason why we all should not put this into immediate effect.”

25th June 2019 SEND Summit.

25.6.19 SEND Summit 2

We were asked to present to 100 Head Teachers, Sencos and Governors at the SEND Summit. We spoke about the need for change in Swindon. Parents and carers do not feel listened too. If we do not change anything, then nothing will change.

March 2019 – 1st Birthday Health and Wellbeing Event.

Swindon Advertiser article about our event: Click here

November 2018 – Sensory and Messy Play.

August 2018 – Introduction to Mindfulness and Relaxation.

July 2018 – Arts & Crafts.

July 2018 – Performing Arts Workshop.

July 2018 – Presenting at the Life After P Scales Conference.


March 2018 – Preparing for Adulthood Workshop at the Steam Museum.



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