Surveys & Consultations

It may not always be possible for you to attend an event or to give your views in person, but you can have your say by taking part in our on-line surveys or local consultations which you will find linked below.

Current Open Surveys

We would like to have some feedback around your experience with the NDC Pathway (diagnositic pathway for ASD/ADHD among other Neuro conditions). Please could you complete this survey if you have either had a referral rejected, are on the waiting list, or have received a diagnosis since the beginning of 2019.
For example, if you have been referred before 2019 and are still on the waiting list then this survey is for you. If you have received a diagnosis between 2019 and now, then this survey is for you. If you have had your referral rejected at any point from 2019 to now then this survey is for you.

The survey will be open until 14th February

Past Survey Results

June 2020 Results of the Covid-19 Impact Survey

We had 240 responses to our survey. The results have been shared with the Head of SEND and the Director of Children’s Services at Swindon Borough Council. We are working together with them to discuss where issues have occurred and how to help with your concerns for the future, including respite care, support with home schooling and schools reopening in September. We will be updating you on any actions that are taken as a result of this survey and we thank all you who participated.

June 2020 Covid-19 Impact Survey