This year Swindon SEND Families Voice have chosen the following 6 outcomes to focus on. We have based that on what we feel is important to many families, based on themes we hear from parents and carers, along with survey results and feedback provided. Alongside these outcomes we feel it’s important to work on mental health support and waiting lists for the NDC pathway. Although these are our primary outcomes for 2021, we will still be working towards improving all services for families with children and young people with SEND.

  1. Improve the quality and timeliness of EHCPs and Annual Reviews
  2. Improve the experience of YP and their families when transitioning to adulthood
  3. Ensure that every child and YP with SEND has opportunity to progress, with access to high quality support
  4. Gather evidence as to why children find it difficult to attend school and promote inclusion and reasonable adjustments in all settings
  5. Promote the importance of early intervention and signposting to avoid families reaching crisis point
  6. Increase the size and accessibility of our forum, so more parents and carers feel supported and more knowledgeable about SEND Services in Swindon
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