Who We Are

IMG_3530Jacqui Watt – Chair

I have 3 children aged 17, 13 and 8. My youngest has a rare brain condition that is more common in cats than it is in humans!

I am one of the founder members of our group and I am passionate about all our children having the opportunity to live their best lives and champion inclusiveness and accessibility.

When I am not doing this role, I volunteer at Special Tots and I used to work as a Student Support Worker with post 16s. Outside of work I love travelling, watching motor racing and renovating our house.



Caroline Devlin – Treasurer

Caroline is a founder member of Swindon SEND Families Voice. She holds the role of Vice Chair and Treasurer. She has 2 daughters both with ASD.


Alison Fieldon – Administrator, Committee member and Parent Representative

I joined Swindon SEND Families Voice in November 2018 as the administrator and have since joined the Committee and become a Parent Representative.

I have 2 teenage children, one with special needs and have an involvement in the Learning Disability meetings and event planning such as the Transition to Adulthood Roadshow. In my spare time I enjoy doing outdoor sports and eating!


Sarah Adams – Vice Chair and Participation & Engagement Co-ordinator

I’m a parent of 2 children, 12 and 9 years old. The youngest was diagnosed with ASD in 2018, after 6 years of appointments and assessments. Also he has anxiety and an Autism related eating disorder.

When the opportunity of becoming a Parent Representative came along, I had to take it! Personally, I hope that if I can reach at least one parent, with a child that has special needs, and make them feel more positive, empowered and less isolated with nowhere to go, I have achieved my goal. I believe every child has a talent and all need the opportunity to discover it. It really is great to meet parents in my Swindon SEND Families Voice role, and I hope to see you at a coffee morning soon!

Keeping the lighter side of my life in focus, I may have been given the name ‘Crazy Cat Lady.’ I have a special moggy, she’s a fantastic distraction especially on those tough days of parenting and I wouldn’t be without her! I love to invent recipes, bake and decorate cakes as well as craft and explore my creative side. This comes in handy as I am a volunteer Guide Leader at a local unit.


Nausheen Ali – Committee Member, Administrator of The SEND Room and Parent Representative

My name is Nausheen Ali and I am a mum of three lovely boys. I live with my children and husband in a friendly community in North Swindon.

My engagement of dealing with Special Needs children started around ten years ago when my eldest son was diagnosed with Autism at his primary school. It was a very difficult experience. My family and I went through a tough time when we were dealing with my son’s primary school and went through the process of assessments and diagnosis.

My second son was also diagnosed with autistic spectrum and ADHD at the age of 6. I worked with the school to integrate him back into a mainstream classroom, were he flourished and loved school.

My third son, who is still at primary school has also been diagnosed with Global Delay. His speech was quite delayed and again I worked with the school and had to provide him with extra support to aid his development. It is another challenge that I had to deal with besides my other 2 boys.

As you can see my journey has been overwhelming to say the least but I love them to bits and would do anything to help them. With all my experience in dealing with different agencies for Special Education Needs over the last fifteen years, I believe it’s time to pay back to society and help the community, especially those families whose children need such support. I have learnt a lot over the course of my journey from the time when Autism was just something altogether unknown in our family, to the point when I had dealt with the support organisations, people and processes. Instead of parents going through this difficult learning process, I am aiming to provide targeted support to the affected families to help alleviate their suffering and enable them to easily integrate their children in the mainstream society.


Rebecca Harrison – Committee Member, Parent Representative and Safeguarding Lead

I have been a social worker for over 12 years in Swindon and have got to know the local area really well. I’m passionate about helping others and have a special place in my heart for special and learning needs.

I have 3 children who all have various additional needs, including ASD, dyspraxia and anxiety. I am currently accessing the pathway for my youngest daughter for ADHD.

I work in a specialist school for anxiety and in my spare time I love being with my husband. We enjoy walking, nature, films, music and gardening together.


Jayde Cotterill – Parent Representative

I’m Jayde. I’m the mother to 3 children. My middle child has additional needs. I spent years trying to get the right support in place for my son.

I joined Swindon SEND Families Voice because I wanted to help make a change to SEN families and to make things better for them.


Kerrie Price – Parent Representative

I currently work with Swindon SEND Families Voice as a Parent Representative, in between my part time job as an order delivery specialist.

I have 2 children, my eldest son has ASD, walking difficulties and learning difficulties.

I really love being part of Swindon SEND Families Voice and look forward to what is to come!


Michelle Lloyd – Parent Representative

I joined Swindon SEND Families Voice in June 2019. I am mum to a 9 year old with a rare genetic condition resulting in severe physical and mental delays.

I am hoping that through this role, I will be able to act as liaisons and voices between the community, parent and carers and professionals to ensure that services are correct and accessible for all that need it.


Alison Saunders – Parent Representative

I am mum to 3 children, 10, 11 and 13, I was an Area housing manager in Monmouthshire, which I had to leave when my youngest was seriously ill, after being discharged from Great Ormond Street Hospital at the age of 3, I returned to work in a school. However, after my son was diagnosed with ASD and severe anxiety last year, I had to give up work again last March to look after him. He has been out of school for a year and a half . My middle child is a school refuser for the last three months to add to the mix. When my son was diagnosed it was a whole new learning experience and still is.


indexAmina Amawi – Parent Representative

My name is Amina I have 11 year old triplets that were born at 23 weeks they have fought to be here and defied some very scary odds. This has left two of them as registered disabled, Zayn who has epilepsy , cerebral palsy and a learning difficulty which has left him wheelchair bound he is non verbal . Tara who’s diagnosis is ASD and global developmental delay , also, Layla who is “ mainstream “ whatever that is she is 11 going on 20 !

I was a personal banker before having my children which was a walk in the park compared to being a mum to these three beauties.

I joined Swindon SEND Families voice in February 2020 as a parent volunteer because I have been through so many disputes ,difficulties ,fights for my kids there has been times I’ve been emotional, I’ve been angry but most of all determined not to lose ,I have seen so many families go through the same hardships and discrimination that I have and so I want to do my bit to support and help where ever I can, SEN is something I am very passionate about and will protect these precious people with everything I have.

In my spare time I love a little family time, love cooking, baking with the kids, and escaping to the gym when possible.