Our Organisation Structure

We have 3 Directors and 3 additional Committee Members who take overall responsibility for the direction of the forum – all of these roles are voluntary and we receive no monetary recompense for the work we do. We have members of staff who have fixed-term zero hours contracts: The Forum Manager, Administrator, Finance Co-ordinator and Participation & Engagement Coordinator. We have a team of Parent Representatives and Volunteers who work alongside the Committee. We provide remuneration to all Parent Representatives who attend meetings with the Local Authority, Health and other providers. It is important to us that our team members feel valued and appreciated for the time they spend supporting the work of the forum. As we are now an established Company, we have a recruitment process for any positions that become available. We will advertise via our website, mailing list and social media accounts in the event of any roles becoming available, and invite suitable candidates to an informal interview. See below for our full Organisation Team Chart.

The Committee meets every month during term time to review our activities and in addition, the Directors meet 3 times a year.



There are currently no vacancies.


Jacqui Watt – Chair/Forum Manager

I have 3 children aged 18, 14 and 9. My youngest has a rare brain condition that is more common in cats than it is in humans! I am one of the founder members of our group and I am passionate about all our children having the opportunity to live their best lives and champion inclusiveness and accessibility. When I am not doing this role, I love travelling, watching motor racing and renovating our house.

20190304_104343Caroline Devlin – Treasurer/Finance Co-ordinator

Caroline is a founder member of Swindon SEND Families Voice. She holds the role of Vice Chair and Treasurer. She has 2 daughters both with ASD.

image0Alison Fielden – Administrator/Secretary

I joined Swindon SEND Families Voice in November 2018 as the administrator and have since joined the Committee. I have 2 teenage children, one with special needs and have an involvement in the Learning Disability meetings and event planning such as the Transition to Adulthood Roadshow. In my spare time, I enjoy doing outdoor sports and eating!

sarah.jpgSarah Adams – Participation & Engagement Co-ordinator

I am a parent of 2 children, my youngest, my son has a diagnosis of ASC, Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID) and Autism Anxiety. After finding it really difficult to get the help my son needed, and coping with my own health issues, I have found my niche, working in the Swindon SEND Families Voice team, helping families with their children who have additional needs to live their best life and follow their dreams! In my own quiet time, I like to draw, be with wildlife and am a Guide Leader at a local unit.

nazNausheen Ali – Administrator of The SEND Room

My name is Nausheen Ali. My own 3 boys have separate SEN needs and I have been dealing with this for the past 13 years. With my experience I would like to help the SEND community, especially those families whose children need such support. Instead of parents going through this difficult process by themselves, I am aiming to provide support to help them along the way so they don’t feel alone.

IMG_1913Rebecca Harrison – Vice Chair/Safeguarding Lead

I was previously a social worker for 12 years and then pastoral lead in both a specialist and mainstream school. I have 3 children who all have various additional needs, including Autism, dyspraxia and anxiety. I am currently accessing the pathway for my youngest daughter for ADHD. I love working with Swindon SEND Families Voice, it’s a fantastic team! I am also a disabled woman myself and am registered blind.

jaydeJayde Cotterill – Parent Representative

I’m Jayde. I’m the mother of 3 children. My middle child has ADHD. I spent years trying to get the right support in place for my son. I joined Swindon SEND Families Voice because I wanted to help make a change to SEN families and to make things better for them.

kerrieKerrie Price – Parent Representative

I currently work with Swindon SEND Families Voice as a Parent Representative, in between my part-time job as an order delivery specialist. I have 2 children, my eldest son has ASD and ADHD, walking difficulties and learning difficulties. I really love being part of Swindon SEND Families Voice and look forward to what is to come!

michelle.jpgMichelle Lloyd – Parent Representative

I joined Swindon SEND Families Voice in June 2019. I am Mum to an 11-year-old with a rare genetic condition resulting in severe physical and mental delays. I am hoping that through this role, I will be able to act as liaisons and voices between the community, parent and carers and professionals to ensure that services are correct and accessible for all that need them.

Sue O’Kennedy – Parent Representative

Hi my name is Sue. I joined Swindon Send Families Voice in February 2021 as a parent representative to become more involved with SEN services and help other families. I have 3 boys. My youngest is 6 years old and has an ASD diagnosis, hypermobility and sensory needs. He attends mainstream school with additional support. We enjoy going for walks, cycling and the general outdoors.

indexAmina Amawi – Parent Representative

My name is Amina I have triplets that were born at 23 weeks. This has left two of them as registered disabled, Zayn who has complex needs and Tara who’s diagnosis is ASD, and Layla who is “mainstream“.

I joined Swindon SEND Families Voice in February 2020 as a parent volunteer because I have been through so many scary situations and fights for my kids there have been times I’ve been emotional, I’ve been angry but most of all determined. I have seen so many families go through the same hardships and discrimination that I have and so I want to do my bit to support and help where ever I can. SEN is something I am very passionate about, and will always be.

Katy Anderson – Parent Representative

I’m Mum to two children. My eldest has many needs including autism, anxiety, sensory needs and hypermobility. He is also deeply loving, and full of fun and curiosity! My youngest is awaiting assessment for social communication difficulties.  In our spare time, we love spending time together as a family, particularly going out to the woods or the beach.

I previously worked across the early years, education, health and social care/charity sectors for 20 years. Experiencing ‘the system’ as a parent has been eye-opening and we’ve had a long struggle to get my eldest the support he needs. I’m looking forward to being a part of something that helps parents’ voices to be heard and respected, making services better for everyone.

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